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3 New Services JUST for QuantumLeap Crew Members:

As you know we already handle the maintenance for your websites- well for those of you adding new projects and new target markets we are now offering a drastically reduced price for website development and it’s ONLY available to Quantum Leap members because you have already invested in your continued future.

Additional Landing Pages - $1000

Additional Landing Pages – $1000 – ie. book launch, product launch, webinar, etc

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Fully branded minisite - $4500

Fully branded minisite – $4500 ie. book site, tv show, company, etc

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Sales Page - $5500

Sales Page – $5500 – Sales page (this does not include copywriting) – but does include layout, structure and guidance for what information must be where and formatting – with product images and product logo – $5500

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2019 Alumni Mastermind Sessions

Well done for registering for the Alumni mastermind calls.

Use your system often – This is where replays and notes will post.

The best way to prepare is to follow these 3 steps before each Alumni Mastermind Call

Step 1 – Make sure you are registered – you will know if you received an email confirmation from Gotowebinar

Step 2 – Submit your accountability form to Tracy via the Monthly Accountability Form button.

Step 3 – Be on the call, or review the replay so you know what I advised you and the others to do THEN Keep working ON your business – it’s how you grow your business and increase your income.

See you soon. Remember any problems accessing the system just call us at 818.859.7210.


PS – Did you know you can make money by recommending the products and services I offer?

You are automatically an affiliate and referral partner. Your product and service referral access is here – If you need help getting in there – give Dave a call and he’ll walk you through it.

Quantum Leap Crew Alumni Program

Finance, Website, Selling, Marketing Funnel, Reviews, TV, Speaking, Internet, Publishing, Systems, Branding,
whatever we can fit in that you need.

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It Pays to Be a Member

As you remain a member, more benefits unfold and your prices are locked in no matter what the program pricing goes to. It pays to be a member. One client, one booking, one opportunity, one success, one piece of advice could pay for the entire program every year.

Every month you meet with Tracy on a a call to review your progress that you have made, set new goals and then she determines the quickest steps towards your goal. You work out the details and action steps for the month.

Featured Members

Kathy Kingston

Kathy Kingston

In just one day after one our of Quantum Leap Alumni calls Kathy pulled off a Hat Trick.
She closed the highest single consulting fee of my clients – mid 5 figures – for 1 client.

Her comments were –

“you gave me that extra boost to go for it with this young very up and coming woman auctioneer today!!!”
In the same day she also closed a webinar (which they paid her to do) that included a paid for book for every attendee, and she negotiated a profit share of the revenue, and to make it a hat trick – she just got a new Boston Gala Auction client.
Rock star that stepped into her power!

Marbeth Dunn

Marbeth Dunn

Sold a $3000 coaching package directly after a call, added almost 2000 subscribers to her database from one webinar, appeared on National TV all across America, started her own radio and TV show and went to #1 on itunes, opened up a non-profit in support of Haiti and overcame her fear of success.

Fantastic Frank Johnson

Fantastic Frank Johnson

Became a #1 International bestselling author, got picked up by a publisher, appeared on national TV multiple times with his message, spoke on multiple stages, fulfilling his mission by inspiring millions.