Refer Tracy

I want to thank you so much for recommending me to your friends, clients, colleagues, etc.

Who could you refer to me this month as a possible Platinum candidate or client of one of my other services?

This is a win-win-win scenario.

Win – you get commission.

Win – they get a lot of help all year long on their website presence.

Win – I get an amazing new client that I can care for and help them reach millions with their message.

So here’s all you need to do. Write an email and send it to them and me.

Here’s what it can look like, craft to your liking.

Warm Introduction Email:


I wanted to connect you with my amazing online branding, website and social media strategist. She is doing wonderful things for me, and if you need more customers, more reach, more impact, a better online web presence, a clearer message, and someone who not only guides you but does the work for you – then I’m happy to introduce you.

As a quick summary my strategist Tracy Repchuk;

  • is a 7 Time International bestselling author
  • has spoken in over 35 countries including keynote in China at the Global Economic Leaders Summit
  • started a software company at the age of 19 directly after graduating college, started developing on the internet in 1994, and is an award winning coach, entrepreneur, writer, speaker, and CEO including awards from Congress, Assembly, Senate, the White House and President Obama.
  • services companies all over the world

Make the magic happen.

Yours Sincerely